USD $100 - USD $200

About This Service
Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with Our Headshot Photography Service :

In a world where every snapshot tells a story, let us be the architects of your narrative. Imagine a journey through the lens, where every click captures the essence of your unique spirit, your boundless potential, and your undeniable authenticity.

Based in the vibrant heart of San Jose, California, or any city of your choosing, we invite you to join us on an exploration of self-expression like no other. Picture yourself amidst the dynamic energy of bustling city streets or the tranquil beauty of nature's embrace in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, or the East Bay. Wherever your soul finds resonance, our lenses will be there to immortalize your essence against a backdrop of diverse possibilities.

In a session lasting just over an hour, you'll have the opportunity to shed layers and reveal your true self in three intimate locations. Embrace the freedom to express yourself with three outfit changes, each a canvas for your unique style and personality.

Specializing not just in headshots, but in capturing the raw emotions of sports, the untold stories of documentary scenes, the vibrant pulse of street life, and the rich tapestry of lifestyle moments, we are dedicated to crafting images that resonate with the core of who you are.

And for those daring souls with dreams beyond the horizon of San Jose, fear not! With a nominal travel fee of just $30, our lens will follow you to the ends of the earth, ensuring that no dream is too distant, no vision too grand.

So, are you ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery? To uncover the depths of your being and capture moments that speak volumes? Let's take that first step together.
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Package 1 - $100
45-minute photoshoot location of my choice
One outfit
5 beautifully final edited images
Package 2 - $200
1-hour photoshoot, within 45 mile radius
Two outfit changes
60 minutes, shot in1 location. 15 final edits


USD $300 - USD $500

About This Service
Capturing Cherished Moments: Your Perfect Family Photoshoot Experience :

Celebrate your family's unique story with our expertly crafted photoshoot packages. Whether you're a small family of 4-6 or a larger group including grandparents, we offer the perfect sessions to capture your cherished moments. Our sessions blend spontaneity with meticulous planning to deliver stunning results every time.

Imagine your family against a backdrop of your choice, from serene landscapes to urban vibes, creating magical memories together. Our expertise spans enchanting engagement sessions, heartwarming family portraits, sultry boudoir shoots, and striking portfolio sessions. Every occasion is an opportunity to capture the essence of your moments with authenticity and beauty.

Based in San Jose, we are ready to travel beyond 50 miles for a nominal fee, ensuring that your memories are immortalized with the utmost finesse. Let’s collaborate to dazzle your social media followers with perfect announcement photos that speak volumes. Together, we will transform your vision into a breathtaking reality!
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Package 1 - $300
120-minute session, Accommodates up to 6 people
Two outfit changes, Up to 45 miles of travel
30 beautifully edited final photos
Package 2 - $500
180-minute session, Accommodates large groups
Two outfit changes, Up to 45 miles of travel
45 beautifully edited final photos

Media Package

USD $300 - USD $500

About This Service
Tailored Media Packages for Professionals and Businesses :

Elevate your professional image with our bespoke media packages tailored for real estate agents, musicians, food services, and local businesses. As a specialist in professional photography, I excel in immortalizing and documenting your professional endeavors. Beyond conventional photography, I harness the power of cutting-edge drone technology and stable cameras to deliver captivating visuals that showcase your property or brand in its best light.

Based in San Jose, I extend my services with a nominal travel charge for locations beyond 50 miles. Whether you're an individual entrepreneur or a thriving brand, my packages are designed to meet your specific needs, resonating with your target audience and enhancing your online presence. Let's collaborate to turn your visions into captivating reality.
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Package 1 - $300
Up to 120 minutes
2 outfit changes,1 location
15 digital hi-res images, 2 Reels
Package 2 - $500
Up to 180 minutes
3 outfit changes, 2 locations
30 digital hi-res images 2 Reels, 1 video

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